Feedback Sent From Viewers

The following is posted Feedback Sent From Viewers. 

The most recent feedback will usually be posted at the top of the page.

This feedback will mainly be about the children's books, 'Old T-Rex' and 'Big Woolly Mammoth'. It may also be about the website or a question for the author to answer.

From Christa, Deckenpfronn (nr Stuttgart), Germany.
Look what we bought at Amazon! We bought them for a young friend who lives in Switzerland. He is almost 8 and has just started to learn English in school. He is crazy about dinosaurs and I thought he might be more interested in learning English if it has something to do with his favorite creatures.
Reply from Geoff.
I hope he likes the books, Christa, and they help him with his English. If you find out, please let me know.

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