You have found Old T-Rex, and his companion, Big Woolly Mammoth.

These beautifully illustrated books start with rhyming stories that are both quirky and factual.

They end with facts about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures living at the same time and place as Old T-Rex and Big Woolly Mammoth.

Children as young as 3 are enchanted by these beautifully illustrated books. They love listening to, and asking questions about, the stories. 

Older children can read the books themselves and spend most of their time in the facts sections of the books.

Parents and grandparents enjoy these books and also extend their own knowledge as well.

Go to the Sample Pages of Old T-Rex and Big Woolly Mammoth to see why children,
and their parents and grandparents, enjoy these books so much.

Sample Pages

"Big Woolly Mammoth and Old T-Rex are two creative non-fiction gems.

These colourful and engaging books will appeal to curious kids keen

 to travel back in time and explore our natural history."


Concluding remarks in New Zealand Booklovers review by Rebekah Lyell.

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Old T-Rex and Big Woolly Mammoth are very popular with 

New Zealand children aged from 3 to at least 8. 


New international editions now make these books 

available to children throughout the world.

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